Phase 2 Parking Deck Repairs at New York’s Pier 40

Phase 2 Parking Deck Repairs at New York’s Pier 40

Phase 2 Parking Deck Repairs at New York’s Pier 40

  • Over 1 million SF of Commercial Parking – one of the largest parking facilities in Manhattan
  • Leaking and spalling concrete forced closures of portions of the facility
  • Phased project – over 95,000 SF of restoration completed in Phase 2
  • 1,800 yards of concrete was poured
Hudson River Park Trust
New York, NY
Project Team
    Specialty Contractor
  • Experion Design Group

Pier 40, located in New York, NY, is the largest pier structure on the Hudson River. Owned by the Hudson River Park Trust, Pier 40 is home to athletic fields and administrative offices. The perimeter of the property is surrounded by over 1 million square feet of commercial parking and is one of Manhattan’s largest parking facilities.

Structural Issues Force Closures

When the Hudson River Park Trust inherited the pier, it came with a number of structural issues. Sections of the roof deteriorated significantly as a result of delayed routine repairs, leakage, and spalling concrete. Portions of the parking garage were closed to ensure public safety – reducing the park’s operating revenue.

Because of the size of the facility and the need to keep it operational, the Hudson River Park Trust addressed repairs in a phased approach. STRUCTURAL was awarded the bid for Phase 2 of the parking deck restoration project.

Phase 2 Repairs

STRUCTURAL’s Long Island office worked alongside the engineer-of-record, Experion Design Group. Crews removed the existing top slab of the parking deck along with the existing waterproofing, pitching slab, and all electrical and plumbing systems associated with the area. An unforeseen challenge was encountered during the removal; the surface of the existing precast planks underneath had a thin layer of cementitious material. This thin layer would not provide a solid surface for the new waterproofing system to hold on to.

The team came up with the solution to hydroblast the deck in order to prepare the area. STRUCTURAL installed hot applied waterproofing on precast planks and a pitched concrete topping. Crews were then able to repair the existing precast concrete channels, ribs, and floor spalls using repair mortar. STRUCTURAL also installed a LED light system on the middle level of the parking deck providing the area with the most energy efficient light fixtures with the required illumination levels based on local standards.

Overcoming Challenges

Throughout the project, debris had to be contained and kept away from the water – posing logistical challenges. STRUCTURAL crews had to transport waste and materials from the far side of the parking deck to the connecting street. Special caution also had to be given to transporting equipment in order not to further damage areas of the parking deck.

Extreme cold temperatures and wind also posed challenges, but the successful pre-planning done by the team allowed for productive work to continue on throughout the winter. To combat the elements, STRUCTURAL crews worked on underside rib and floor repairs in smaller isolated phases that were encased and heated.

High Profile Events Result in Additional Scope

As the project progressed, Pier 40 was also used for many high profile happenings. Additional scope was added when Pier 40 was used for a scene in a Hollywood action film. The scene needed to be shot within a two week timeframe. STRUCTURAL was asked to move its work trailer off the set, create a debris pile to be used in the scene, and shore the roof area where a catapult mechanism was to be installed.

When Super Bowl XLVIII was held at nearby MetLife Stadium at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in New Jersey, Pier 40 was the site of a Super Bowl event held by a national broadcast service provider. This also resulted in extra repair scope for STRUCTURAL that included installing proper shoring underneath the parking deck where heavy equipment was being stored for the event.

Phase 2 Completion Keeps Project Moving Forward

Phase 2 at Pier 40 included over 95,000 SF of restoration throughout the parking deck area and a total of 1,800 yards of concrete to pour the topping slab. The project was completed on schedule while still allowing for a diverse range of events and additional work to take place safely throughout the process.