Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair

Strengthening & Extending the Life of Concrete Infrastructure

Concrete is used in industrial facilities to support equipment as well as process components. Over time, deterioration, environmental exposure, or damage from fires and natural disasters can compromise the integrity of concrete. Ignoring or putting off needed concrete repairs has the potential to interrupt ongoing operations.

STRUCTURAL possesses more than a century of knowledge and experience in the concrete repair business. With this expertise, we help business owners develop effective concrete repair strategies.

Our unique capabilities allow us to select and install a wide range of concrete repair materials. The installation technique we use is guaranteed to suit both the material and the specific repair situation. Our strategy for repairing industrial concrete ensures long-lasting and effective results.

STRUCTURAL is an industry leader in quality, safety, and innovation. We have years of experience, a skilled trades training program, and a best in its industry safety program. As a result, clients with concrete infrastructure problems feel confident in our long-term solutions.

STRUCTURAL’s experienced professionals and craftsmen provide a wide range of industrial concrete repair services, including:

industrial concrete repair

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Our Concrete Repair Expertise

industrial concrete repair

Peter Emmons, CEO of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, is the author of Concrete Repair & Maintenance Illustrated. This book is a leading resource for both structural concrete maintenance and concrete repair. It was published in multiple languages and has been used as an educational tool by numerous universities.

Emmons has over 40 years of experience in the concrete industry. He’s won numerous awards as an expert on concrete repair. Concrete Construction magazine calls Emmons one of the Most Influential People in the Concrete Industry.

The comprehensive instructional reference includes detailed information on:

  • Concrete Behavior

  • Evaluating Concrete Problems

  • Surface Repair

  • Stabilization and Strengthening

  • Protection

We Are Committed to Safety & Preplanning

industrial concrete repair

STRUCTURAL’s project management and field personnel carefully plan each industrial concrete repair project. When pre-planning a project, our crew works closely with customers to address all areas of concern. This includes safety, constructability, budgeting, scheduling, and phasing in order to maximize efficiency and minimize disruption.

As a result of our flexible work agendas and manpower, we can match schedules to project needs. We are able to complete projects under the tightest schedules and adjust the schedule to minimize disruption. Whatever the conditions, we are committed to providing quality, on-time performance. We do this while ensuring the highest level of safety for both our workforce and our customers.

Concrete Repair Solutions

When STRUCTURAL partners with STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, together we develop turnkey, design-build solutions that provide owners with single source, cost- and time-efficient projects.

Concrete Repair Products

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES provides proprietary products for a variety of concrete repair applications, including:

  • Concrete Repair Materials
  • Structural Strengthening
  • Corrosion Control & Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Moisture Control & Waterproofing
industrial concrete repair

Our Concrete Repair Projects

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