Rope Access Facade Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

Rope Access Expertise:
Comprehensive Façade Inspections and Restoration Services

Ensuring Building Safety and FISP Compliance in New York

The Façade Inspection & Safety Program (FISP) in New York is crucial for maintaining structural integrity and safety in the city’s buildings. FISP helps to enhance building safety standards and proactively address structural issues that could lead to property damage, injuries, and loss of life.

Key Aspects to FISP:

  • Inspectors must meet stringent Qualified Exterior Wall Inspectors (QEWI) Standards for higher quality inspections.
  • Regular inspection intervals with drops every 60 feet to monitor building façades closely.
  • Mandatory cavity wall probes to assess hidden structural issues.
  • Clear definitions for SWARMP (Safe with a Repair & Maintenance Program) and unsafe conditions.
  • Detailed photographic evidence required for all reports that document façade condition.
  • Enhanced public protection protocols ensure public safety during inspections.

Building Facade Inspections and Maintenance

STRUCTURAL offers efficient and cost-effective certified rope access support services for FISP-required hands-on inspections and comprehensive repairs.

Rope access method is more economical and less intrusive than conventional scaffolding, offering broader building coverage for more accurate information and budgeting. Rope access not only ensures compliance with local laws but also allows for more effective building maintenance and capital improvements at reduced costs.

Elevate with STRUCTURAL

  • SPRAT Premier Member
  • Exceed Insurance Requirements
  • Highly Credentialed Inspection Team
  • Skilled Repair Technicians
  • DOB Facade Unit Experience
  • Safety 24/7 Culture
  • Zero OSHA Recordables Past Four Years

Comprehensive Solutions & Services:

  • Emergency equipment securing
  • FISP-compliant facade inspection
  • Excess wire cleanup
  • Window cleaning
  • Gilding
  • Slate roof repair & maintenance
  • Copper roofing replacement
  • Water testing
  • Boroscope brick probes
  • Curtain wall maintenance: sealant, glazing
  • Terracotta unit replacement
  • Caulking & waterproofing
  • Pinning
  • Roof maintenance: snow, guards, ice
  • Bird deterrent
  • Stripping, coating, painting
  • Pressure washing

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Our Commitment to Safety 24/7

Safety 24/7 is an integral part of a STRUCTURAL employee’s personal commitment to his or her own safety, as well as to the safety of friends, family, and co-workers. This commitment creates a culture of safety on our jobsites, in our manufacturing facilities, offices, and in our private lives.

Frontline Safety puts into action the principles of Safety 24/7. It provides strategic initiatives to empower technicians, craftsmen, and mechanics to create and maintain a safe working environment. It also holds all levels of personnel accountable for their safety and the safety of others.